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Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions!

At the dying of the year I succumbed to the temptation to run one more half marathon: the cleverly billed Last Chance Half Marathon. One of the reasons was that I wanted to deliver on my half-forgotten resolution to run four half marathons in 2017. After the race, I had no regrets. It was a beautiful…
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Bring in the Pros: Outside Talent for Your Blog

Last week, we looked at different options for finding talented blog writers in-house. But the in-house approach only makes sense if your existing team has the skills and time to take on regular blogging—or if you can score a crack freelance writer and can manage the editorial process internally. But what are your options if you…
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How to Find In-House Writing Talent for Your Blog

So you’ve decided to start a blog to showcase your company’s expertise and insights. Congratulations! With the right content, a blog can be an excellent way to drive relevant traffic to your website and keep current and potential customers engaged. There’s just one problem: Who is going to write all that content? There are two…
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Don’t Crash the Plane: 4 Content Challenges

Earlier this month, I was featured in a profile highlighting the soaring demand for content strategists. Not all companies need a content strategist—if your digital presence is minimal and content is not an effective strategy for establishing your expertise or for acquiring customers, you can get away with a site that’s little more than a…
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